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It is some natural low that women since early childhood desire to marry. Girls are dressing in beautiful dresses and try a veil of the bride, celebrating doll wedding, lulls plastic doll like an infant. But the boys at that time are passionate about completely different things, they collect cars, fighting, playing war games.

With age, the inherent instincts are manifested respectively in different ways, men tend to compete and defend. The women dream about the creation and preservation of the family and offspring. Therefore, the female half of humanity constantly asks the question: How get to married? There are a lot of different answers, but it is better to understand the reasons in which a man still decides loose his freedom and find the wife. At our site you can find reasons due to which a man marries.

Start dating Russian girls online

1. It turns out that only every tenth man marries for love. That’s why girls should not worry if the guy loves her or not. Unfortunately, majority of men are not very serious about their feelings and believe that they should not rely on them in such an important situation as the choice of a life partner.

2. 12% of men are influenced by relatives. Once mom and dad says, 'It's high time for you to marry, we want to see grandchildren"- and an obedient child leads his beloved woman to the altar. So, girls should not neglect good relations with guy’s relatives.

3. 17% of men think that is really terrible to live alone. And in order to get a little protection and support, they try to twist the warm family nest.

4. 19% of men are afraid of forthcoming retirement. And this is the main reason why a man tries to find a russian woman.

5. 23% of men to some degree are Alfonso. It is sad, but material wealth of wife reveals their entrepreneurial talents and marriage becomes a very profitable venture.

6. Fortunately, a lot of men are romantics - 23%. Romantic nature, intoxicated with love and passion, they want to prove to the beloved women their feelings. Such marriages are common among young people, and often break after a short time.

7. 25% of men are showing loyalty to his girlfriend. They seem to say: “I take responsibility for you, and you should be thankful for this!”.

8. Although it is believed that men are the stronger sex, but it is known those women cope with many problems much better than men. And often, 27% of men need help.

9. Men like to boast! This fact is proved by funny experiment with a mirror that is installed in a public place. Among those who wish to admire their reflection, there are more men than women. Moreover, for 29% of men the attractiveness of the soul mate is really important. A man wants to look harmoniously together with his spouse.

10. 31% of men will sooner or later decide to settle down and start dating Russian girl. Behind there is kaleidoscope of meetings and partings. Now is the time to cling to the safe harbor.

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11. 33% of men are following their custom, and get married because it should be so. It is known that men who are taking such decisions are a good husbands and dads.

12. Though men take care of their notorious freedom, but loneliness scares them. That’s why they are eager to find wife.

13. 40% of men are married for the sake of curiosity/ It is interesting for them how to live together.

14. Waiting for the child is a great incentive for the creation of a family, this statement is common for 44% of fathers who have taken a responsible decision after the announcement of the woman about the pregnancy.

15. We know that career plays a huge role in the lives of men. It is believed that married men are the best workers. When on the love front, all is quiet - it is possible to give all forces to the work. 59% of married men in varying degrees are careerists.

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