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Now every guy would like to know how to choose a girl for a relationship or a family. But the problem most of the guys is in the absence of specific goals on this subject and knowledge of how to choose a Russian women for marriage. Therefore, we will analyze this issue, giving you not only specific recommendations and advice how to choose a girl for relationships, but also for your other goals.

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Why do you need a girlfriend?

The first question that every guy should ask before choosing a girl for a relationship is: why and for what reason you need a girl. Decide what you want to achieve by choosing a girl. Do you want a family, relationships, love, simple meetings or loneliness. The goal is individually set by each guy, but there are some basics that connect all the goals that you put in order to choose a girl.

Where to find a girlfriend?

First of all, to choose a girl, you first need to decide on a place where you will begin to get acquainted with the girls. For this purpose it is useful to read some tips online, there they will tell you how not to make mistakes with the right place for acquaintances and choose a girl whom you will love.


To choose a girl for a relationship, you need to decide what kind of appearance the girl is most suitable for you. Of course, everyone will say that he likes all the beautiful girls, but it's best to decide what traits the girl has to have. You can make up on the sheet of paper some description of the girl, which you will soon start looking for. Thus, you will save a lot of time searching, because you already know the appearance of the girl you are looking for. It’s not a secret that all the guys look first at the appearance of the girl, that’s why it’s important to determine the main traits you like. This mostly takes less than an hour.

Character of the girl

To choose a girl for a serious relationship, you also need to determine in addition to the appearance, which character you like best, and which you can not stand. Describe in full the nature of the girl you want to find, this will save a lot of time. Of course, to determine the nature of the girl, the appearance here will not help much. To do this, you need to communicate and ask questions that will show the entire character of the girl, and you will be able to understand whether it is suitable with your list or not. Then you decide whether it's worth building a relationship with this girl or finding another girl.

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To understand and choose a girl with whom you want to build a relationship or create a family, you need to trust only your heart and soul. You may be surprised, but brain does not help in this situation, and with the slightest passion or affection, you will have the desire to create a family but 90% that you will fail. Love does not like this, and it comes to really happy people and gives even more happiness. But there is only one way to accurately understand whether you love each other or not, it's to live together before marriage for at least 3 years. During this period, usually the passion and emotions subside, and then you can see whether there is love or a simple emptiness. So take your time and do not be afraid that the girl can leave you, because you did not make her an offer. If she really loves you, then no one will ruin your relationship, even if you just live all your life together and do not get married.

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