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Russian women. Who are they?

Russian girls are quite tall, well built and slim. Most of them are fair-haired and white-faced with pink cheeks. Many of them have beautiful large blue or green eyes, sometimes almond shaped. Russian girls look pretty when they do not wear too much make up.

Meet Russian girls

Do not differ much from their contemporaries from other countries. Young russian girls are happy, active and sociable. As any other young girls in the world, they like to party, go to the discos and movie theatres. Ukrainian and russian ladies like to get together in a bar for a cup of coffee to discuss the latest news. Many of them study and work simultaneously...

Russian women for marriage

Russian ladies or middle-aged women are very different from the young ones. During the period of big changes in Soviet Union in the late 80s and early 90s, people had to adapt to a completely new life. There was one way of living, and suddenly there appeared another way of living. People had to accept changes and find the ways to survive. Many Russian women managed to adapt successfully to a new life, and became prosperous business ladies.

Why do Russian girls look for a foreign husband?

There is a surplus of single women and a shortage of men in Russia. Thus, there are more available women than men there. It is explained by different reasons.

Russian marriage agencies

Online marriage agency is the most convenient, reliable and tested way to meet russian girls. Marriage agencies are of different types...

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My name is Daniela I am 19y.o. from Romania Cluj-Napoca city.
My name is Marina I am 29y.o. from Russia Moscow city.
My name is Anastasia I am 20y.o. from Kazakhstan Karaganda city.
My name is Елена I am 28y.o. from Ukraine Lviv city.

What is marriage for a Russian girl?

Marriage is a union of two loving people, who are also the best friends, reliable partners and passionate lovers. Marriage is "a team" with common goals. A husband for me is a man, who goes in the course of life with me. (Oksana, 29 y.o.)

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